Kraft, Flambe — TBWA-CHIAT-DAY + Richard Farmer + Dan Oberle at the Whitehouse Post in Los Angeles, LA

Zest Sells.

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Zest sells, ladies & gents—Just ask Dan O.

Kraft called in the big (steamy) guns to add a little zest to their salad dressing brands—primarily by undressing Anderson Davis.

Kraft partnered with TBWA/CHIAT/DAY and Green Dot Films for this project. Directed by Richard Farmer and cut by Dan Oberle, this series may leave you both laughing and adjusting your collar.

Feeling some confusing emotions? Take solace—there are millions like you…or at least a few who’ve watched a million times.

Of course, if you can’t stand the heat, you can always get outtha kitchen.

For anyone who needs to debrief and air their feelings—or even just step away to get some air— Facebook and Twitter welcome you with open, rippling arms…

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