Bleeding Out

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Zach Vandlik joined Anthony Leonardi III in crafting a music video for Wynter Gordon’s song Bleeding Out. The “most vulnerable track on the EP,” the promo film premiered exclusively on Elle.

The film visually echoes the experience of feeling dark in light places and ultimately forging that to shine defiantly against the darkness. What was the creative process like? 

“Anthony wanted to juxtapose Wynter, soulful and freshly wounded in her pure world, to a darker world where she shined like an angel. I wanted to start with her in her pure world, starkly outlined against her pristine surroundings, rhythmically jumping back and forth between dark and light and building the editorial pace to ramp with the energy and emotion of her song and story.”

The visuals also support and echo her struggle, starting off with gentle cross-fades and jumping with increasing energy to the stuttering shakes, time-strobes and reversals. How did you work with Anthony to augment the story with these effects and transitions?

“The tilt shift and racking were beautifully executed by Anthony and his team in camera, and I supported to amplify the edit. As for the rest, the film and song really lend themselves to this treatment. It’s an editor’s dream to work with the creative freedom to explore these kinds of paths, and Anthony was on board from the start and pushed for more. We took the project over to Carbon’s Chris Noellert, whose passion and creative skill lifted the film another level.”

What else? What did we miss? Anything in closing?

“This project was a blast—it was so much fun to cut and collaborate with Anthony and Chris. The direction was to make a film to match the intensity and beauty of the song, and I really feel like we accomplished this on all levels. I think the edit is a true representation of Wynter’s song, and that feels very gratifying.”