We Are the Champions, My Friends…

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While some aspects of Sochi may feel a bit like a blast to the past, Adam Marshall, KBSP, Carbon VFX and BMW team up to take you to the future—on the wings of a gull…or at least with gull wings.

Meanwhile Visa takes you everywhere you want to be—even if that is night skiing with Torin. Adam Marshall, Martin DeThurah | Epoch, BBDO and Visa—#Everywhere.

For the places you’d only dreamed of, there’s GE’s Childlike Imagination, brought to you by Rick Lawley, BBDO | NY and Dante Ariola at MJZ.

And, while odds may not be in your favor for the Gold Medal—you can always sink your teeth into savory satisfaction with McDonalds, Meg Kubicka, Joe Pytka and DDB Chicago.

And if for all those who spit in the face of the odds—Russell Icke, Samsung, 72 and Sunny and Henry Alex Rubin at Smuggler all come together to celebrate the paralympians in all of their tenacity. What’s your problem?

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