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Warmly Welcoming Warmanen

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Whitehouse Post Chicago recently announced Tim Warmanen‘s promotion to their outstanding editorial team. Warmanen has worked for the Whitehouse Chicago since 2005, first as Assistant Editor and then as Senior Cutting Assistant on campaigns for McDonald’s, Office Max, TransUnion,, and Norton Antivirus.

Warmanen went to college in Iowa, where he studied Communication Arts and Electronic Media at Wartburg College, mastering the broadcast airwaves as Wartburg Television Entertainment Director, and independently producing several short films. Though he conducts the majority of his excellent work behind a computer as a Whitehouse editor, you may have heard his mellifluous tones doing voiceover work on campaigns for Jim Beam, DeVry University, Nintendo, Illinois Lottery and H&R Block.

Warmanen’s promotion marks the continued commitment of Whitehouse Post to capture budding talent and foster the growth of exceptional individuals through a passionate and creative company culture.

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