Turn Out For What?!

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Education? Reproductive rights? Prison reform? Student loans? Gun reform? Global warming?

Election season is upon us, and if the hard-won freedom to vote isn’t enough to get you to rock down to Election Avenue, then maybe ‘dat bass will do the trick.

If you don’t have a reason for the season, feel free to borrow one from Lena “Lil Lena” Dunham, Lil Jon or Fred Armisen—because impressing your friends is the only reason to ever do anything.

Trish Fuller and Brody Baker of 1985 are doing it. So are 600,000+ others along with Rolling StoneTIMEAgency Spy, LBBDailyBeastBuzzFeed, Jezebel, Pop Sugar, StereoGum, ABC, SpinMTV and Huffington PostMashableNYPostWashington Post—pretty much everybody is doing it.


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