Scent of a Woman – Lauren Savoy+ Trish Fuller at the Whitehouse Post in New York

That Trish is a Funny Broad. Officially.

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*UPDATE* Trish’s Scent of a Woman won Best Short at the Broad Humor Film Festival this weekend AND was voted Audience Favorite at DC Shorts Film Festival.

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Read on for the original posting: 

The ever-loverly Trish Fuller has edited Lauren Savoy’s latest short, Scent of a Woman, which premiers 9:30 tonight at the HollyShorts Film Festival at the Chinese Hollywood Theatre.

The short tells the tale of “sweet but profoundly awkward Chloe,” her boyfriend of 3 weeks, the big L-Word and the dairy allergies that threaten to quell the love in the air. Which will win out in the end—amour or miasma?

Scent of a Woman will also showcase alongside 154 other short films at the DC Shorts Film Festival in September, as well as the Broad Humor Film Festival, the Port Townsend Film Festival and NYC Shorts.

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