Hitting Southwestern Roads with Jen Shelley

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Sit back, kick your feet up on the dashboard, and let’s take a little road trip with Director of Communications Jen Shelley. Jen took a five day trip across the southwest, stopping in Sante Fe, Taos, Roswell, and Marfa.

When asked why she picked this trip, Jen didn’t miss a beat: “Instagram tempted me, and it did not disappoint. We stayed in the same trailer Beyonce had stayed in a few weeks before (didn’t know that when I booked it, but thought that was funny).  The trailers were basic but the land was beautiful and felt so vast.  They had hot tubs you could rent in the evening to soak under the stars. ”

The Fun Stuff

Where to eat

In Santa Fe we had a tapas dinner at El Farol that included a flamenco show, very cool.  Also make sure to order something with green chilis, they are everywhere & so good!

Where to drink

Get a Lone Star at the Lost Horse in Marfa

What to see

Tent Rocks outside of Santa Fe, Cumberland Caverns, UFO museum in Roswell, Judd Museum in Marfa.  The Pueblos were closed when we were there, but I would have liked to do that too.

Where to stay

We rented an earthship in Taos for a night, was really cool to see how sustainable you can make a house.  It snowed while we were there & the house didn’t have heat, but we were warm.

Where to shop

Jackalope in Santa Fe for lots of fun SW trinkets, they also have a prairie dog colony.  In Marfa, the gift shop at El Cosmico is really well curated.

What to experience

The “high road” drive from Taos to Santa Fe is so scenic, feels like you are in a Georgia O’Keefe painting the whole time. 

Best coffee

Santa Fe is known for coffee milkshakes, try the one at Café Pasqual’s

What to bring home

Crystals, a dream catcher, and a guide to spirit animals…and I brought my husband some cactus jelly.

A Little Extra

What were you listening to while on the trip?

I went with 2 friends and luckily one of them was a DJ so she brought a great playlist for driving, she put Bowie Starman on as we drove into Roswell, it set the tone. 

Tips & Tricks

Lots of the attractions have specific hours & are closed on random days, so it’s a good idea to work out an itinerary in advance so you don’t miss anything.

Give us your #1 travel hack

It’s gross, but if your room has bedbugs they are most likely along the mattress by the headboard.  When you get to your room, pull back all of the sheets and look along the mattress seam – good luck!