South of the Equator: Uruguay with Chelsea Rowan

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Venture to the Southern Hemisphere with Chelsea Rowan, our social media manager. Chelsea spent ten days in Uruguay, bouncing from Montevideo to the coast and back again. Keep reading to hear about the traditional Uruguay barbecue & the must see coastal towns.

Sunset over Montevideo

The Fun Stuff

Where to eat


Lussich – a beautiful, hidden gem on the property of the Lussich Arboretum. We went here for merienda, or tea time, for coffee, rosemary infused water, and an assortment of pastries (an essential for all tea times). The tables are nestled and hidden away among the trees, offering a beautiful privacy and connection with nature.

Lajau – a beautiful Spanish restaurant on the coast in La Pedrera. The ambience was warm, cozy, intimate, and homey. We were seated at a big table next to the kitchen, where we watched the chef with his small kitchen staff preparing the food. Also a carpenter, the chef’s love of French and Spanish cuisine shone through in his cooking and the experience made us feel like part of the family.

Where to drink

If you’re planning on going out to drink (or enjoy the nightlife) be prepared for a late (I mean it) night. Most people don’t head out to the bars/clubs until around midnight, sometimes later, and are usually out until the early hours of the morning (6 AM). It’s normal to see people heading home from the clubs just as you’re waking up to start your day.

Where to stay

Montevideo is beautiful, but if you’ve got more time to explore, definitely rent a beach house and escape the city for a while. We stayed in Punta Rubia in a house right by the ocean. The sunrises & sunsets were beautiful, and the sky was filled with stars at night. There’s also nothing like waking up, walking to the ocean for a quick swim, then heading back to the house for an afternoon of lounging in the hammocks.

Montevideo sunsets
La Pedrera
La Pedrera

What to experience

Traditional asada
More asada

A traditional Uruguayan asada. Asada is a ritualistic barbeque most often done on Sundays or special occasions, like birthdays. The grill master controls the tempo of the night by their command of the grill, which meat goes in and comes out first, how the meat is served, and conducts the conversation all around this. One of my favorite dishes, which I’ll include in every BBQ for the rest of time, is grilled provolone with oregano. If you can spend an asada at a local’s home, all the better.

Also, why not grab a cheeky tattoo while you’re there? Head over to Sombra. They have incredible artists and I was not let down.

Best coffee

La Tostaduria/Café Nomade

La Greca Cafe

What to bring home

Alfajores. Whether you get them from a local shop before hopping on the plane, or you snag a bag in duty free, these little dulce de leche treats are a MUST to bring home to family and friends.


Do you recommend any day trips?

If you are spending any time on the coast at all, make sure to take a trip out to Cabo Polonio, a small peninsula community only reached by taking a truck through the sand dunes. No running water, no electricity, but the most beautiful beaches & cottages.

Cabo Polonio
Cabo Polonio
Cabo Polonio

Tips & Tricks

Brush up on your Spanish.

Give us your #1 travel hack.

Travel cubes! Most people use these, but if you don’t, they are well worth the investment for how organized it keeps you while packing and moving from place to place.