To Life Less Ordinary

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“Keep pushing or quit dreaming.”

“Save nothing for the way back.”

“Be nobody’s bitch but your own.”

These are just a few bits of insight from W+K London and Siri Bunford at Knucklehead‘s worldwide endeavor to collect 1000 Years of Wisdom from those living extraordinary lives—from cross-dressing wrestlers to reindeer racers to kinetic sculptors.

Adam Marshall pieced the powerful images together with his trademark strength and energy, interweaving fluid moments and punctuating them with rhythmic punches.

See for yourself—and be sure to have your  pencil and quotebook at the ready.

To #LifeLessOrdinary.

Listed as top spots on BestAds as well as in FastCo, LBB, Creativity, StashMedia and The Atlantic—congrats all!