Time Travel…

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Citizen Watches has teamed with Tristan Patterson at Smuggler, W+K Tokyo/Amsterdam and James Forbes-Robertson to time travel—or, rather, literally stay in the moment as the world whizzes by.

Chasing Horizons is every bit as beautiful and ephemeral as you might imagine star chasing would be. The race against space-time successfully steals one night from the planet—capturing perpetual twilight at slices of 1/125th a second at the same latitude, hour, minute and day across Earth’s timezones to highlight the precision of the new Citizen’s F100 wristwatch to calculate and adjust to timezones in a matter of seconds.

FastCo, AdFreak, AgencySpy, TheDrum, CreativeReview, Creativity and LBB all paused a moment to enjoy and share. Feel free to follow suit.


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