Google Chrome "It Gets Better" Heidi Black at the Whitehouse Post in Los Angeles, LA

The Whitehouse Springs Into Awards Season

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It’s awards season, and the Whitehouse garden is in full bloom.

Heidi Black helped pluck a Gold Clio with Google Chrome’s It Gets Better and Filip Malasek contributed to two Bronzes with Lurpak’s Kitchen Odyssey.

At the One Show, Oceans of Treasures, edited by Josh Bodnar and created by Gentleman Scholar, won a Bronze Pencil and 3 Silver Pencils found their way to the Whitehouse doorstep via The British Heart Foundation’s Vinnie, edited by Alaster Jordan, Intel + Toshiba’s The Inside Experience edited by Josh Bodnar and Google Chrome’s The Web is What You Make of It with Heidi Black editing It Gets Better and Jen Dean editing Lady Gaga.

Drop on by and smell the roses.

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