British Arrows Awarded to the Whitehouse Post

The Whitehouse – Shot Through The Heart by 10 British Arrows

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The British Arrows fired off last night and the Whitehouse took 10 – 5 golds, 2 silvers and 3 bronze.

Alaster Jordan & the British Heart Foundation got hearts pumping and took Gold for Charity, Gold for Public Service Advertising, Gold for Best 30-60 and Silver for Best Over 90 with Vinnie while Adam Marshall and Cancer Research tugged heartstrings and took the Bronze for Charity with Couples.

Meanwhile Russell Icke, Cravendale and their polydactyl cats snatched up the Gold for Dairy Products and Gold for Best Over 30 for Cats with Thumbs, and Sam Gunn and Yeo Valley were singing from the hilltops for Harmony in Nature, which claimed Silver for Best New Creative Team, Bronze for Dairy Products, and Bronze for Best Over 90.

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