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The Whitehouse Scores at Superbowl XLVI

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The Whitehouse sent 6 spots to the Superbowl XLVI – one of which has been featured in Creativity’s Top 10 Superbowl Commercials That Blew Up Biggest in Social Media, as well as being featured in Shots, the Huffington Post, Discovery’s Animal Planet, placing in the AdBowl’s Top 10 Overall Superbowl Commercials and taking second in both USA Today’s Ad Meter and Facebook’s Ad Meter  – well-played Glorily.


The Whitehouse also saw a McDonald’s spots rep for Adam Robinson. Two Toyota spots debuted, Connections edited by Dan Oberle and Kentucky edited by Rick Lawley. John Smith edited Pepsi Max’s Check Out and Gentleman Scholar left their mark on Chevy’s Instructional.


Congrats to all the teams whose work made it to the Big Game. Empty kegs and crumpled chip bags will memorialize this day forevermore.
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