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Let’s play a game.

We’ll show you ours and you #ShowUsYours.

Here’s how it goes.

We’ll snap a pic, toss on some relevant hashtags (these things ––> #) and invite you to #ShowUsYours

You respond by:

  1. Picking one or more of the listed #’s
  2. Taking a photo on that theme(s)
  3. Tagging said photo with the relevant #’s + #ShowUsYours + @WhitehousePost – so we’re sure to find you.
  4. Share on InstagramTwitter, TumblrFoursquare  & Facebook, what have you. So long as we’re tagged, we should be able to find you. If you think we missed you, let us know.
  5. Follow #ShowUsYours to see awesome pics.

We, of course, will be sure to highlight a fav or two each go.

Here’s the first one on Instagram, Twitter, TumblrFoursquare  & Facebook.

Go. Create. Share.

*Ferris Wheel, RoofTop & White Shot all credit @cbenitah – Play on Playa.

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