the Whitehouse Post hits the World Cup 2014

Cheersing the Ol’ World Cup

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As you’ve probably noticed, the World Cup is building to a grand finale—and we’re still going strong.

We lift our cups and sound our vuvuzelas for some of the best players in the arena.

To Wieden + Kennedy Amsterdam, AG Rojas and Charlie Harvey for sharing the inspiration with Powerade, to TBWAChiatDay, Fernando Meirelles, Brandon and Heidi for keeping it intense and wild with Adidas. To inconceivable and irresistible smiles via DDB | Chicago, Henry Alex Rubin and Matthew Wood and McDonald’s, risk and surprise with Wieden + Kennedy Portland, Jon Saunders, Luciano Podcaminsky, EnergyBBDO, Paul La Calandra, Nike, Carlos Lowenstein and Bud Light. And, of course, to the stunning sex appeal of Craig Gillespie, Corky DeVault, Shane Reid, David & Goliath and Kia.

Hungry for mas? Don’t break a sweat—we can be your hero, baby.

# Paul La Calandra AG Rojas Charlie Harvey Adam Marshall Shane Reid Carlos Lowenstein Matthew Wood Corky Devault Heidi Black Brandon Porter James Forbes Robertson Energy BBDO Wieden + Kennedy DDB / Chicago David & Goliath Henry Alex Rubin Wieden + Kennedy | Amsterdam Fernando Meirelles TBWA\Chiat\Day Luciano Podcaminsky Jon Saunders Camp David Robert Jitzmark Craig Gillespie