The Whitehouse Post Shortlisted for AICP 2014

Making Short Work of AICP

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AICP has released their shortlist and the Whitehouse is proud to play a part.

Shane Reid’s work is recognized in Duracell’s Trust Your Power, and Rick Lawley and team gain recognition for GE’s Childlike Imagination. Gentleman Scholar and Adam Robinson’s work on Cosmopolitan’s Misfit garners note, as does Visa’s Night Swim, edited by Adam Marshall. Finally, Heineken’s Odyssey reps for Russell Icke and team.

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Congrats to Duracell’s Trust Your Power team—shortlisted for editorial via Shane Reid, direction under AG Rojas at Park Pictures, copywriting by Lincoln Boehm at Saatchi & Saatchi NY and sound design via 740 Sound Design.

GE’s Childlike Imagination, directed by Dante Ariola at MJZ and edited by Rick Lawley, made the shortlist for art direction—Eric Goldstein at BBDO | NY, original music—Barking Owl, cinematography—Benoit Delhomme, visual style—Eric Goldstein at BBDO | NY, production—Anthony Nelson, and production design—Julian LaVerdiere.

Gentleman Scholar and Fallon’s work on Cosmopolitan’s Misfit is recognized in the design category (edited by Adam Robinson), and Visa’s Night Swim via BBDO, Martin DeThurah | Epoch and Adam Marshall was shortlisted for its cinematography—Kasper Tuxen.

Finally, coming in for Advertising Excellence/International, Heineken’s Odyssey represents for Tom Kuntz | MJZ, Wieden + Kennedy Amsterdam and Russell Icke.

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