Bud Light, Weego - McGarry Bowen + Renny Maslow + Glorily Velez at the Whitehouse Post in Chicago

The Whitehouse: Awash in Awards

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The Hugos have come and gone and, in their wake, left a wash of awards across the Whitehouse, Cap Gun, Carbon and Gentleman Scholar.

With 6 wins in the Editing category and 22 awards across the board, the Whitehouse windows will be sparklin’.

In the Special Acheivements in Editing Category, a Silver Hugo to Russell Icke for Cravendale’s Cats with Thumbs, a Gold Plaque to Jen Dean for Google Chrome’s Lady Gaga, a Silver Plaque to Marc Langley for Hallmark’s Give and Get, another Silver Plaque to Dan Oberle for Visa’s Ned’s Journey, yet another Silver Plaque to Glorily Velez for Bud Light’s Rescue Dog, and a Certificate of Merit to Adam Marshall for Audi’s The Road.

Bud Light’s Rescue Dog also received a Gold Plaque in the Alcoholic Beverages category and Miracle Whip’s Witch Hunt and Village, edited by our very own Rick Lawley, received a Silver Hugo and a Gold Plaque respectively in the Food category, while Nikki Vapensky crossed the finish line with McDonald’s Fishing in the Fast Food category. Food-related but in the Online category, Cracker Barrel’s The Takeover, shot by Cap Gun, directed by Alex Fendrich and edited by Brian Gannon, took a Silver Plaque, and fellow category Silver Hugo-winner, Aston Martin Reveriedesigned and produced by Gentleman Scholar (repped by Cap Gun) with Flame work by Carbon and editing by Josh Bodnar.

Allstate’s Mayhem campaign was well represented with a Silver Hugo in the Commercial Campaign category via Blind Spot, Raccoon and On Hold. Another Silver Hugo went to Blind Spot in the Insurance Category along with a Certificate of Merit in the Performance/Dialogue category, accompanied by another Insurance Gold Plaque for Raccoon, which, funnily enough, also received a Silver Plaque in the Humor category and a Silver Plaque in the Performance/Dialogue category – all edited by Matthew Wood.

To end on a warm, fuzzy note, Hallmark shone well in the Retail category with Active Duty, The Team, and Give and Get – all edited by Marc Langley. Meanwhile, Gentleman Scholar and Dan Oberle were busy making big changes with California Endowment’s Transform, which received a Certificate of Merit in the Public Service Announcement category.

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