The Thing That Happened – Andrew Walton + Stephen Jess via the Whitehouse Post New York

Stephen Jess & The Thing That Happened

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It’s not how many times you fall, but whether you get back up.

If there was ever a group of people that embodied this idea, it would have to be Hope North, the secondary and vocational school founded by Okello Sam, a victim of rebel attacks in North Uganda.

Hope North provides a refuge for children victimized and brutalized by Uganda’s civil war. Whether they are orphans or forced child soldiers, they are all living in the wake of abject poverty left by the war. With the clanking of broken car parts to signal the start of the school day, no promise of pay or electricity and 200 children sharing 4 meager textbooks, Hope North certainly has obstacles and challenges to work with.

This is why Andrew Walton, Stephen Jess and Adam Horovitz of Beastie Boys all came together to tell their story and help raise awareness and helping hands for these children and those dedicated to them. Their work on the short has been shown at festivals around the world, from New York’s Documentary Festival to the United Nations Association Film Festival, and it’s received Honorable Mention for the Diane Seligman Award for “Best Short Documentary.”

Please feel free to share this entry with anyone who might want to help support Hope North in their efforts to help these kids find hope.


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