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The Mill is Shackin’ Up with the Whitehouse

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After 20 years of co-habitating in the post industry, The Mill has decided to move in with Whitehouse Post, Chicago.

As always, we’re doing it for the clients. “Over many years, the advertising agencies in Chicago have been great supporters of The Mill in New York, Los Angeles and London,” explains Robin Shenfield, CEO and co-founder of The Mill, “so it seems the right time to repay that support by establishing a local presence with all the attributes of a full Mill studio including VFX, finishing, design and color.” Alistair Thompson, the Managing Director of The Mill New York, has worked with many of the advertising agencies in Chicago for more than ten years. He adds, “Chicago is a thriving center of excellence for advertising so we’re very excited about now being able to be part of the community there. We will have a really talented team on the ground and it will be easier than ever for local clients.” “We are excited about having The Mill here and being able to collaborate in providing our clients an integrated end-to-end solution,” adds Whitehouse Post Managing Partner David Brixton. “This will afford the local Chicago market the opportunity to access the best available talent across both editorial and visual effects in an efficient and seamless workflow.”

All without having to board a single airplane.

Besides, we practically grew up together – “We have a very long history with The Whitehouse,” said Shenfield. “Our two companies were established a block apart in London more than 20 years ago and their editor / partner in Chicago, Matthew Wood, actually began his career at The Mill in London so we have a terrific history of working alongside each other.”

The Mill’s movin’ in with The Whitehouse in the landmark Courthouse Place building at 54 West Hubbard Street, Chicago and plans to be up and milling about in beginning of 2013.

Drop in and say hello if you’re in the ‘hood … or give a shout on our Facebook page /WhitehousePost or on Twitter @WhitehousePost.

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