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Cap Gun & Whitehouse Post Are Droppin’ Some Knowledge.

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Dissatisfied with your education experience?

We’re here to fill in the gaps.

While the Origins of Seal’s Face or the Truth About Fairy Tales may have been prohibited lesson plan material in your classroom, we share them – freely and unabashedly.

Written and performed by The Katydids, directed by Matt Miller, produced by Cap Gun Collective, Whitehouse Post, Miller and The Katydids together, and edited by Tim Warmanen – the comedic webseries explores the dichotomies and absurdities of teaching, one of the more respected – and adulterous and gossip-ridden – professions in our great land.

Launched mere days ago, the series has already accumulated almost 200,000 views on YouTube and will soon be expanding to include Vimeo.

New videos will continue to roll out every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday … and we’ll throw a few teasers and special releases in the mix to keep you on your game.

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