The Whitehouse Post in LA Wishes You a Happy Holiday

Take a peek into the Whitehouse this holiday season…

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…with our Holy Trinity of a Holiday Video.

A little background – every year around this time, the Whitehouse assistants come together in immaculate creativity to deliver unto the world, a short celebrating another year to debuted at the holiday party.

This is from LA. With Love.

Act I – a dual reference to one of Russell Icke’s spots as well as a nod to our Penultimate Ping Pong Champion, the one and only Corky DeVault.

Act II – a Shane Reid special set in our very own construction-set/Dexter Lab with a brief commercial break to break up the suspense we know is killing you.

Act III – A nice MTV throwback and an ode to office hero and beard extraordinaire, Wes.

In the end, something for everyone – beauty, triumph over adversity, murder, motorcycles, beards, explosions…

So sit back with your freshly-popped corn and enjoy…whatever you don’t eat, you can use to decorate the tree.

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