Summing Up Super Bowl XLVIII

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With the dust beginning to settle after the Super Bowl madness, we thought we’d nicely sum up all of our favorite Super Bowl XLVIII spots—i.e. the ones edited by our editors.

Carlos Lowenstein and Tim Warmanen kicked things off with the Pizza Hut’s Go For Greatness campaign, born of the brilliant minds of mcgarry bowen and featuring a wide array of great, from skiing infants to footballing unicyclists. No joke.

Heinz teamed with Cramer Krasselt, Chris Woods at Recommended Media and the lovely Matthew Wood to remind us to smile over the small things—like a classic tune and a classic ketchup.


If that didn’t put a kick in your step, Beats Music, AT&T, Ellen Degeneres, the Three Bears (and their friend The Wolf) all partnered up with R/GA, Lisa Gunning & Stacy Wall over at Imperial Woodpecker to pop-n-lock with Goldilocks.


Then there’s The Muppets who absconded with Terry Crews and his Toyota Highlander for a quick Joyride—you can blame Saatchi LA, Jody Hill at Caviar and Rick Lawley for the Muppet Mayhem that ensued.


And, of course, there was the inspirational pre-bowl spot featuring winning Seahawks fullback Derrick Coleman and his story with Duracell, Trust Your Power—brought to you by AG Rojas at Park Pictures, Carbon VFX and Shane Reid, encouraging you to naysay the naysayers.


If you feel like sharing the warm fuzzies, we’ve generously posted this all up for you to easily share, like and comment on Twitter & Facebook—you know, just to make your life simpler and happier.

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