Meet editor Sue Dawson, promoted to Executive Director of Post Production at award winning editorial company Whitehouse Post in Los Angeles.

Meet Sue Dawson: Executive Director of Post Production

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Sue Dawson’s career at Whitehouse began when she joined as Executive Producer in 1998. Known for her excellent advice, always with an eye on the bigger picture, Sue oversees the production departments across all offices as well as charting new brand and agency relationships and workflows. Read on to learn more about Sue, glean some useful advice, and maybe a few streaming recommendations too.

When did you decide to work in post & why?  What was your path to this point?

I decided to work in post after being an agency producer for 10 years. Watching the spot come together was always my favorite part of the process.

What’s your favorite thing about post and why?

The people and the process. I’ve watched editors create magic out of disparate dailies, craft stories from seemingly unrelated vignettes, and put scenes together that on paper wouldn’t make sense. 

Can you tell us about a few projects you are proud of and why?

Again, it’s the people. Not that they were projects, but to have been a small part of the growth of my colleagues, Joni Williamson, Joanna Manning, Heidi Black to name a few make me most proud. 

Joanna Manning, Joni Williamson, Heidi Black, Sue Dawson

Biggest creative challenge you’ve faced?

When I was an agency producer, we were shooting Scottie Pippen in the United Center (I’m dating myself), and the Blackhawks had a game that night so we only had the venue for a limited time. You can see where this story is going. We still needed the end shot which we planned to film in a hallway, but we were running behind and the Blackhawks were literally walking down the hall that we had planned to use.  So instead of walking down the long hallway and out the door, we put a filter sheet in the locker room and Scottie walks off allegedly into the distance, but really into a sheet of paper – which you can tell if you’re looking for it. Another reason why I love post – what’s done is done and we can deal with what we have been given. For better or worse.  Here’s the spot:

Directors: Mario and Melvin Van Peebles, Wieden+Kennedy credits: EP: Bill Davenport, CD: Susan Hoffman, AD: Bret Ridgway, CW: Jimmy Smith

Advice for anyone entering post?

Work with the best. 

Best advice you’ve received?

Do more than they ask. Do the right thing and don’t fuck up.  Not sure if it’s the best advice, but it was what I was given and for better or worse, what I’ve forwarded on as well. Just ask Brian May.

What is something that inspires you?

Great writing/writers. Toni Morrison’s oeuvre is extraordinary.

Who is someone that you admire and why?

My dad. A great sense of humor, wise, witty and humble. A man of few, but poignant words.

Sue & he dad

Favorite time of day?

Winter sunsets, so the time varies…

Something that makes you smile.

Seeing the dolphins 

Best show to stream

Too many to just name one, “best.”

Here are a few though:

The Great British Baking Show, Lenox Hill, Unforgotten, The Queen’s Gambit, Catastrophe, Fleabag

Favorite place

Being in the ocean

Favorite insta account



Something that would surprise people

I have a Masters in Humanities

Most underrated performance in a tv show/film

Nicola Walker, Unforgotten

What is your office “must have?”

 Now or during the “before” times? This one holds true for both places actually, Pamplemousse La Croix