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Subaru’s Baby Driver Nominated for Emmy

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Congrats to Carmichael Lynch, Jake Scott at RSA, and our very own Rick Lawley for their work on the recent Emmy nomination for Subaru’s Baby Driver, Most Outstanding Commercial.

Carmichael Lynch was looking for a way to tell the story of parents handing over the keys and letting their kids loose into the world. Initially they had a script, but when they found the Lyons family, they threw the script out the window and just asked Dad what he would tell his daughter before she pulled away.

“As father to both the girls, portraying those complex emotions on-screen was not a stretch for me,” explains Andy Lyons, real-life father to the two girls. “Having my first daughter, Lanna reach driving age and knowing that my second, Georgie, will be there all too soon, I understand the anxiety of handing over the keys for the first time.”

The ad stemmed from the fact that families buy Subaru’s with the intention of passing them down to their children, “We knew this day was coming…that’s why we bought a Subaru.”


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