Stephen Dunne Promoted to Editor

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Whitehouse Post has a long tradition of training their future Editors in house and as such, is delighted to announce that Stephen Dunne is the latest in a long line of Assistants to be promoted. After Assisting for 3 years, more recently he has been carving himself an impressive client base working with brands including Coca Cola, Bacardi, Google, Bentley and Nike.

Studying filmmaking at University provided Stephen with a keen eye for storytelling and his passion for the visual is evident throughout his work. At only 27 he has ability one may ordinarily associate with a more experienced Editor.

Of Stephen’s promotion Partner John Smith said: “We are delighted to be promoting Steve to Editor—he’s really talented and has the dedicated work ethic needed to succeed. Timing is everything with launching a new editor and this is perfect for both him and us. He has the eye of an experienced editor beyond his years.”