Windows, Sky Atlantic – Marco Gentile + Gareth McEwen at the Whitehouse Post in London

Snooping in windows and backyards for Sky Creative…..

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On 10th September 2012 Sky Creative launched two new idents that were aired on Sky Atlantic, directed by Marco Gentile. Apart from the striking creative behind the campaign, there was also an innovative social media campaign running alongside it. Viewers were asked to tweet in backstories to each of the idents.

Cut in London by Gareth McEwen, he comments that “unlike most spots, the idea behind this is that it’s a one shot seamless camera move that happens to last 30 seconds. Instead of cutting from one shot to another you’re building up layers, a bit more like animation. Most takes had closer and wider options and Marco had shot different speeds, so when editing, it’s a case of making sure your back layer works, then what should go past to cover the transition, how ‘near’ should it be, how fast etc. I remember seeing the previous ones that Thomas Napper had done and having one of those ‘jesus I’d have loved to have cut those’ moments, so it was great to get the chance to work on the follow ups. I love doing these ‘can’t see the join’ jobs and Marco was so great to work with, really relaxed and happy to experiment. With the time restraints we faced, it worked well working directly with the client/agency”.

Take a peek through the Windows for yourself…

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