Plan, She'll Learn – Sara Dunlop + Charlie Harvey at the Whitehouse Post in London

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She’ll Learn is a moving film, beautifully directed by Rattling Stick’s Sara Dunlop. One of two films from Sara for AMV BBDO it was created to help raise awareness for girls in poverty around the globe. Edited by Whitehouse London’s Charlie Harvey, She’ll Learn calls upon us to raise our hands for girls and to help educate the communities in which they live.

When talking about tackling the edit on the spot, Harvey comments “Sara and the agency spent a lot of time in Manila with these girls and were clearly moved by the experience. For me it was absolutely essential for them to feel that experience again when watching the film. Anything less than that wouldn’t have been enough”.

She also comments that the “observational, documentary style of the film means that the viewer gets a small window into the life of Plan’s ambassador girl. What you see in the film is a normal day for her. She doesn’t ask for sympathy, she just wants the chance to go to school”.

On her experience working with Sara and AMV BBDO Charlie comments that “Sara’s passion really drives a project to be the best it can be and the whole team were fantastic to work with”.

Finish were able to utilise their new grading department to work on both films from AMV BBDO.

Campaign’s “Ad of the Day”, Because I Am A Girl stars award winning actress Freida Pinto, who is best known for her role in Slumdog Millionaire. Talking directly to camera and inter-cut with shots of young girls living in impoverished communities, she explains that because a girl is born a girl she is likely to face enormous, daily challenges unless awareness is increased and communities are educated.

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