Holiday Inn Express, Digital Self — Jared Eberhardt + Sam Gunn at the Whitehouse Post in London

Dueling Dualities of Digital Selves

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We’re no strangers to duality here at Whitehouse Post.

We’re down to acknowledge (& occasionally pretend) that the ‘Digital Self’ is our inspiration & motivation toward the humans we aspire to become.

Sam Gunn, JWT / London, Jared Eberhardt & Holiday Inn Express fully support these efforts & intentions—complete with a sweet, retro 8-bit score.

Think of it as a ‘buy one, get one’ for you & your digital self.

Oh—& while you’re out there developing your virtual & reality-rooted self—be sure to flaunt your cutting-edge culture & class by connecting with us on Facebook & Twitter…& maybe even LinkedIn if you’re feeling like popping your digital suit collar.

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