Ryan: An Introview

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We are excited to welcome editor Ryan Boucher to the team! He brings with him a decade’s worth of experience and has contributed his talents to a wide range of projects from major feature films to music videos for Disclosure and Wiz Khalifa.  We invite you to get to know him better in the introview below.

1.     When did you first decide you wanted to become an editor and why?

It was a pretty circuitous route. I always had an inkling that editing might be the right gig for me, but when I first moved to Sydney I didn’t know anyone. And certainly no one in the film industry. So I just jumped in wherever I could. I was a grip for a while, then a spark. Loaded a bit of film. I was a (terrible) PA for a production company for a while. In the meantime I had a copy of Avid Free DV that I was messing around with at home and was reading anything about editing I could get my hands on. My flatmate at the time was a wannabe director (now an actual, successful director who I still work with) and I cut a couple of spec ads for him, which turned out pretty well. I finally got a job as a runner at a post house and never looked back.

2.     What is something that inspires you?

Standup comedy. I’m not a comedian and I could never be one (ill-suited to the spotlight. Also, not funny), but watching and learning about great comedy has taught me a lot about storytelling and editing-  set-up, pacing, rhythm, payoff.

3.     How many times do you hit snooze in the morning?

I drag myself out of bed as soon as the alarm goes off. The snooze button is a slippery slope…

4.     Who is someone that you admire and why?

My wife. She’s a writer and development producer and is my benchmark for creativity and professionalism, as well as being a generally outstanding human being. And she (mostly) puts up with me.

5.     Are you ticklish?

Yes. And my wife uses this to her frequent advantage.