Subaru, Cut the Cord — Carmichael Lynch + Vince Squibb + Russell Icke at the Whitehouse Post in London

Russell Icke Cuts the Cord

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Whether they’re cutting the cord or tugging your heart strings, Subaru, Carmichael Lynch, Vince Squibb and Russell Icke have a way of marionette-ing emotions.

Subaru’s latest does just that, playing up all of the Subaru slogans and branding—love, confidence in motion, longevity, safety, versatility and adventure—as Dad sends his little girl off into the world, and into the hands of others.

Much like Baby Driver, the ol’ mist-makers might interfere with your consumption of this commercial…but that’s why there’s a replay button.

Need a moment to collect yourself between watches? Check out AdWeek’s insightful article or the heartwarming response at the Pilot.

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