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Rick Lawley Shaves His Legs for Cancer

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Ok, so really he *cycles* for cancer and the leg shaving is just an added bonus, “I have no idea why cyclists do this, but I find it very relaxing.”

You may have heard of the Fireflies.

They are a bunch of cyclists who between them have raised over $2 million over the years to help fight cancer in both America and the UK.

This year Rick from Whitehouse Post / LA has joined the Flies and will be riding 550 miles with them from San Francisco to LA on September 27th .

He has been sending out a series of manipulative, guilt-tripping emails to everyone he knows to help raise money.

He has learnt many tricks from 30 years in advertising and is doing quite well with the fundraising while remaining dead last on the rides.

Of course we would have paid him anything just to stop wearing Lycra around the office.

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