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Dementia touches almost all of us in some way or another. Dance it out with Christine, Phil Montgomery of Tool of North America, and Daylight Robbery in a video inspired by the viral Prancercise video that took the internet by storm a few years back. Thanks to Carbon Chicago for taking on the color and conform.

Keep reading for a look behind the scenes with Editor Christine Wolf.


How did this project come to be?

“Rememoration” is a track off of the album Accumulated Error, my band Daylight Robbery’s third LP, that was released earlier this year.  This is our first music video.  For the past few years I have been working with Phil Montgomery, a director at Tool Of North America, and he approached us about making a music video for one of our songs.

Can you tell us a bit about your brief/direction/process?

The song deals with my father’s Dementia/Alzheimers, and my fear of ending up with this illness myself one day.  The only brief we gave the director was that we didn’t want to be featured in the video and that it not be too serious or dark since the lyrics are quite heavy.  He came up with a really brilliant and unexpected treatment that was inspired by the Prancercise Lady, a viral video phenomenon.   

How did the story drive your editing & vice versa?

I really wanted the pace to build and explode as the story progressed.  There is a strong steady beat throughout the song, and it was a challenge to not just cut to the beat throughout.  I wanted to really let it breathe and let the seriousness of this woman’s situation sink in so the viewer could have an emotional connection to her.  I also didn’t want to reveal too much too soon, but foreshadow just enough to keep the viewers’ interest.  As the video progresses, the visuals lock in to the tempo and really take off.   

Why this project?

This project has been special to me on various levels.  The song has a lot of personal meaning.  It’s also the first time my music career and editing career have intersected.  One of the most fun aspects of being in a band is getting a chance to collaborate with other artists. With each record we release we like to work with a local artist on the album cover.  Getting to do that in a new medium has been very exciting for all of us, and being the editor of the project was an added bonus.    

Anything/one else you want to highlight?

Witnessing someone you love suffer through such a horrible disease like Dementia or Alzheimers is heartbreaking. However, you learn to love them for who they are now, and hope that they have found some kind of peace inside even if it doesn’t make sense to us.  I hope this video leaves viewers with a positive feeling, and will be inspired to make a small donation (such as to to help find a cure.