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The invariable mark of a dream is to see it come true. And Gentleman Scholar specializes in making dreams reality. “We wanted to share the hair-raising, adrenaline-pumping experience that we envisioned when we closed our eyes and dreamt of the Aston. But we dream big,” smirks Will Campbell, Gentleman Scholar and Reverie Director. “We wondered how realistically we could create what we dreamt,” explains Will Johnson, Gentleman Scholar Director and Director on Reverie. “How convincing could we make it? How clearly could we share what we imagined?” Gentleman Scholar collaborated with Whitehouse editor Josh Bodnar in the LA House and CarbonVFX in New York to realize Reverie.

“So, we’re dealing with the Aston Martin – “Power. Beauty. Soul.” – obviously mood is going to be a significant part of the story we’re telling here,” explains Josh Bodnar, Whitehouse Post Editor. “Gentleman Scholar did an incredible job storyboarding – starting with that surreal establishing shot and teasing and accelerating until hearts are pumping. We intensified the speed and rhythm of the cuts to reflect this sensation, starting with slow, steady pans and swelling to the strong, rhythmic cuts to really embody and convey the energy and power of the Aston Martin. Of course, we aren’t going to leave you at full throttle, so we transition into the tunnel and gradually reawaken in the showroom. Chris Winston’s score amplifies, augments and underscores Reverie’s rhythm, taking your ears for the same joyride that your eyes and imagination enjoy. It’s really empowering to work with a team who have such vision – obstacles and distractions dissipate in the intensity of the focus toward the goal – a goal I think we all feel we achieved.”

“This project was a pleasure to composite,” adds Carbon VFX Creative Director, Kieran Walsh. “With such a talented and dedicated team, there was incredible material to work with. The majority of the compositing was done in Flame, as we needed the speed and interactivity that platform allows. We also created depth and atmospherics on most shots using cloud particles in Flame. Many additional subtleties were incorporated at this stage, such as chroma aberrations, light blooms and flares. Most people assume the spot is predominantly live action, so I think we achieved what we set out to do.”

“We explored a spectrum of options, from explosions and morphing buildings to dry salt-lake beds,” explains Rob Sanborn, Gentleman Scholar Executive Producer. “In the end we brought it all together, starting in the surreal desert, crossing the bridge and racing through the city lights before transitioning through the tunnel to reawaken in the showroom. We were free to employ all of the most flattering and dynamic camera angles to tell the story without worrying about retakes, stunt drivers or helicopter expenses. Our team collaborated and built upon each other to realize the Power, Beauty and Soul of the Aston.”

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