Rammstein: Paris

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Rammstein: Paris is a worldwide concert event, directed by the talented Jonas Åkerlund for Picturehouse Entertainment. Editor James Norris played an instrumental part in bringing the event to life.

“Jonas Åkerlund brought me on board,” James says. “I’ve cut a lot for him. He has a few trusted editors around the world, and we came together to collaborate on this epic film, each editor working on a series of songs, treating them like a music video rather than your traditional concert film.”

It’s an audacious explosion of colors, pyrotechnics, and atmosphere. Norris perfectly mixes Rammstein’s showmanship with the intensity of the edit. “We wanted to take the live concert experience to a completely different level, and make it a truly epic film. Each song was approached uniquely to tell a different story, and each had a different style of editing that reflected the uniqueness of each song,” he says.

“Mutter” was his favorite song to edit. “It’s ethereal, yet so powerful, and full of oily darkness and sweat. A Rammstein classic.”

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