More news from New York!

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It’s not just U.S athletes getting well deserved recognition this month, we have plenty of news from the Whitehouse podium.

First up is Ethan Mitchell.  You probably last read about Ethan when we packaged him off to launch Whitehouse Amsterdam, a job he did brilliantly and without getting hooked on coffee shops or round cheese.  Following the success of his work in Europe Ethan has been promoted to Editor at Whitehouse New York.   Congrats Ethan, well deserved.

Check out his reel here

Next up is Sam Puglise-Kipley (Sam PK to us lazy folk).  Sam is a Whitehouse veteran, both in Chicago and New York.  Growing up around his photographer Mother, he was printing photographic images before he could even ride a bike and has already cut for brands like Google, New York Times, Microsoft, Citibank, Titleist. CVS. It gives us great pleasure to thank him for all his dedication and hard work by announcing his promotion to Editor at Whitehouse New York.

Check out his reel here

And hot off the press is Alejandra Alarcon’s promotion to Producer at Whitehouse New York.  Congrats Ale, she has already proven her Producing skills and we look forward to seeing her soar.  We chose an image to remind her of her Editing Assistant days! (yes she is hugging a Lacie drive!).

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