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Whitehouse London’s runner Melisa (now known as Molisa) has been a very busy bunny, directing a commercial for a MoFilm competition. She comments “I started studying old treatments of actual commercials to try and understand the purpose, structure and format and then we got to work gathering visual references etc.”

Melisa and her creative partner Guillermo were given Chevrolet as their brief and were flown out to the SXSW festival in Austin where they also got to direct their treatment. The greatest challenge by all accounts was shooting in a location they’d never seen or recce’d before with a crew they barely knew. “It felt like a really long project during the challenges of the shoot but then suddenly it was all over!”

“For me” adds Melisa “the highlight was meeting Jon Landau who works closely with the festival.  He did a talk and then we went to the ceremony with him.  He was so down to earth.  He is really cool, in the talk he mentioned the step from 2D to 3D and how he thinks whilst it’s progressive it has to be a good idea/script to begin with and that if it’s a bad idea 3D will only make it worse.  It’s all about the story.

It was exciting to hear all about Titanic 3D with James Cameron which Jon is Producing. We got to see a few scenes from the documentary, then we had dinner with him, we then had a picture taken with his Oscar.    When he handed me the Oscar to hold, he pretended to drop it.  I nearly stopped breathing!  (he was laughing!).  “


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