Matthew McKinnon on the Mic

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Matthew McKinnon joins us in the London office, hot off the tail of editing The Incident, by Jane Linfoot, through the BFI. He’s kindly sat with us for the newly-established Introview to chat things he likes, listens to, eats and watches—check it out!

What inspires you?
I so wish I could think of a really profound and interesting answer for this question, but I can’t. Off to a good start, aren’t I?

Do you have a favorite quote?
My old art teacher used to say, “When in doubt, leave it out.” That’s a good one to remember. I do have other favourite quotes, but they mostly involve people swearing.

What are you listening to this month?
I’m listening to the new albums by Clark, Grouper and Vashti Bunyan. And bits & bobs by Kate Gately.

Also still listening to L’Amour by the mysterious Lewis; and I Am The Centre, a compilation of private-press New Age records 1950-1990 – I’ve been listening to it non-stop for a whole year. Amazing to work to.

Have you eaten anything remarkable lately?
Yes, indeed—the ribs at The Ember Yard at the top of Berwick Street are incredible (sorry, vegetarians).

Why editing? What brings you here and what keeps you?
The challenge of all that raw material at the start of the job: always terrifying. The excitement of sorting through it and thinking and creating and recreating and rethinking. There’s nothing quite like it.

Just coming to the end of the edit on my first feature – it’s been really terrific. Working on that scale, with that much story and character to juggle, you find yourself thinking of new things day and night; roughing ideas out on the laptop at 5am to take in that morning. I loved it.

Seen any work recently that’s really stuck with you?
I thought Gone Girl was an iffy movie, but Kirk Baxter’s editing was incredible. When you notice the editing, and every single thing feels unusual and interesting but feels exactly right at the same time, it’s really something.

I saw All That Jazz for the first time recently, as well. Required viewing.

I’ve also just seen the Honda The Other Side interactive ad by Daniel Wolfe, which was fantastic.