March 4th—Gunning & Goldfrapp LIVE

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Windows open, windows close—opportunities flicker all around us.

On March 4th a window opens briefly for European, Australian and North American cities to catch a fleeting glimpse of Lisa Gunning, Cap Gun Collective UKCarbon VFX and Goldfrapp’s gossamer Tales of Us film as it was intended to be experienced—full and whole on the silver screen—complete with a Live performance, dramatic and theatrical and true to the Goldfrapp roots and soul, transmitted by the legendary Air Studios of London.

The thirty minutes of ethereal eye and mind candy flows across the screen, weaving together the five stories of Stranger, Laurel, Jo, Drew and Annabel and connecting viewers across the continent from New York to LA, Miami, Toronto, San Francisco, Atlanta, Chicago and Seattle and weaving them into the fabric of the few who’ve shared it, along with those in the UK, Germany, Netherlands, Austria, Australia and New Zealand among others yet to be announced.

Pre-order to circumvent sell out and stay tuned at, on Twitter @Goldfrapp and by following the hashtag #TalesOfUsFilm & #TalesOfUsLive. Special encore presentations to follow on March 25 & 27.

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