This Is Yoga

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There is more to yoga than the mat.

Editor Paul La Calandra, director Lotfy Nathan at Pulse, Vice Media, Virtue Worldwide, and Carbon VFX bring us “This Is Yoga” for lululemon, an anthemic compilation piece decoding what yoga means to community motivators, artists, and athletes alike. It’s a visual thrill ride and a meditative awakening based in unity, awareness, and expression.

Editor Nate Katz also worked alongside Paul and the team at Vice to create a batch of mini documentaries highlighting the motivator’s connections to the core yoga practices. Everyone has a story and everyone has a method.

The “This Is Yoga” campaign features rapper P Money, artist CJ Hendry, Hedgehog drummer Atom, Olympic volleyball player Kerri Walsh, pro surfer Maddie Peterson, capoeira instructor and youth empowerment speaker Jian Pablico, and the House of Apocalipstick. Their stories show us how to break limitations on both mind and body and to shatter the expectations we put on ourselves. Yoga is everyone. Yoga is everywhere.