You Won't – Katia Vannoy at the Whitehouse Post New York

Katia Vannoy Thinks You Will Like You Won’t

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First we have a London runner truckin’ it over to Texas for SXSW – now we have a New York Vault Manager introducing fresh SXSW bands.

In her abundant spare time, Katia has been shooting, editing, and producing music videos for her website – wherein you can catch a glimpse of melange of local landscape, as well as You Won’t, a precariously contagious band that defies all the “asshøles in high-school” with their thoughtful, intelligent and innovative use of lyrics and instruments. From marching band drums with tamborines to mandolines and accordions, You Won’t is subtle and refreshing…and Katia introduces them befittingly – in grass and sunshine with casual clips of honest dialogue and performances.

All signs point to an outstanding show, so if you’re in the area for SXSW, we definitely suggest you scope these guys out.

…And when you can’t stop playing Television on repeat, remember who generously introduced you.

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