Kate Owen in Times Square

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The wonderful Kate Owen out of New York has just edited together a NARS job with director and creative collaborator Lacey. She went to check it out as it aired in Times Square for Fashion Week, took a few pictures, and indulged us in a quick interview.


Had you ever been to Times Square before? Can you describe your first impressions? 
I hadn’t ever been, no—it was smaller that I expected! It looks so much bigger in Vanilla Sky

What was it like seeing your work in this setting? Did you feel compelled to stop any strangers and point it out?
Haha, no—but maybe that’s because while I was shooting, I was chased by two seven foot minions!

Was it different working on a project you knew would be viewed in such a large format?
Absolutely. We had to revisit the post work and color grade for the LED screen.

You are known for your fashion and sense of style. When did you first find your interest in fashion and beauty? Has it influenced you as an editor? 
I was obsessed with Mary Quant and André Courrèges growing up. I’m drawn to individuals and individual style.

You work with Lacey fairly often—how did you guys come to be collaborators?
My flatmate Luke Langsdale introduced us—we both say it was one of his greatest introductions. We bonded over Lacey’s use of sound fx and visual mimes when she wanted to describe an edit pacing—it made perfect sense to me!

Given that you edit a lot of makeup and fashion, do you ever justify purchases in the arena as ‘research’? 
That would be justifying a lot of woman hours and purchases in Saks and Selfridges shoe halls. If I am working on an exciting project, my shoes definitely reflect that—see today’s pair below. I believe I cut NARS in silver tap heels.


You have a signature shoe—or at least shoe height—do you have a signature makeup look as well? 
My signature shoes are anything over 5 inches high—everything else is usually black and gold. I went all out at AICP with flapper hair…and I’m really looking forward to Halloween!