Josh Bodnar + Sarofsky Kick Ass with Captain America

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UPDATE—The MOE’s are finally here! Re-read the backstory below and savor the beautiful titles above! Still hungry for more? Check out what SHOOT, Art of the Title, Stash Media, Art of VFX, Sarofsky and AWN have to say about it.

Originally published 4/3/14.

Josh Bodnar collaborates with Sarofsky to kick ass on Captain America: The Winter Soldier’s main-on-end title sequence.

A long time friend of the Russo Brothers since meeting on Community in 2009, Erin Sarofsky was obviously delighted for them when they signed on to direct the Captain America sequel. And, of course, she was thrilled to meet Marvel and earn their trust—even without any prior relationship. Up against “four other very talented” companies with demonstrated experience and histories with Marvel, Sarofsky’s pitch with friend and comic book artist David Mack sparked excitement and landed them the job before their flight even landed back in Chicago. Of course she reached out to her good friend and talented editor Josh Bodnar over at the Whitehouse in Los Angeles.

Reinforcing the Russo Brothers’ vision inspired by 1970s conspiracy thriller cinema, the Sarofsky team composed along a minimal, graphic aesthetic. Strong, clean typography and a simple color motif of black and white with splashes of red add drama and suspense while also highlighting the villainous HYDRA and recognizing the Russian Constructivist roots of the original comic book series. The iconic comic book roots, of course, had to be honored, and the team tipped their hats with a smattering of stylized illustrations and other graphic elements interspersed throughout the MOEs. The keen eye will notice the use of positive and negative space and its nod toward the theory of gestalt—all of which really pop with the 4K stereoscopic delivery.

“We’re incredibly grateful to the Russo Brothers and the rest of the Marvel team for giving us the opportunity to execute our vision the way we imagined,” says Erin Sarofsky, owner and executive creative director, Sarofsky.

“Having the opportunity to work with Marvel, such an iconic brand, was truly thrilling. Erin Sarofsky and her team consistently deliver brilliant vision and stand-out creative work and this project was no exception,” adds Bodnar. “The final piece captures the sentiment of the the film so perfectly, I’m very proud of the work and thankful to have been a part of the team.”

The film has since gone on to elicit rave reviews, citing it as “Perfect” and “Marvel’s best movie yet,” and—as you may have noticed—the team is very happy with the final product. You are, of course, welcome to check out the full article on Screen, the trailer and, as always, share your thoughts on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

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