Josh, Sarofsky, & Atticus Bring Out the Animal in Animal Kingdom

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Josh has an innate sense for powerful, rhythmic edits—and when he pairs with Erin Sarofsky, you know you’re going to get solid creative with strong visual storytelling and style.

Last time the duo took us behind the scenes of the vivid, graphic main title credit sequence for Marvel’s Captain America: Winter Soldier, and this time they take us into the freewheeling world of danger, indulgence, and excess in TNT’s new drama Animal Kingdom, starring Ellen Barkin & Scott Speedman.

For Animal Kingdom, the team had sixty seconds to prep the audience for the virile violence and Oedipal, co-dependent complexities of character that leave permanent marks beneath the skin. A stuttering, stammering collection of jarring images, jumping back and forth through time, the metaphor of the tattoo traces a steady visual and metaphorical line through an otherwise non-linear storyline. Josh’s staccato intercuts, shutter weaves, and speed ramps amplify the raw energy of the piece, tumbling and tripping the viewer in and out of the emotionally intense reality of the show and its characters.

Oscar Award winner Atticus Ross composed the crowning aural element of the main title with his raw, mechanical score; “Atticus is an artist—and one of my favorite composers,” adds Josh. “I fell in love with his early work on The Book of Eli. He leverages his craft to take the work the next level, and it was really an honor and a pleasure to collaborate with him on this project.”

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