Jeff Tweedy, Rituals + Christopher Storer + Brian Gannon at the Whitehouse Post in Chicago

Jeff Tweedy (of Wilco) Rituals

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Thrash Lab recently released the second episode in their Rituals series, this time joining Wilco frontman Jeff Tweedy in his hometown of Chicago before his annual solo show at The Vic, a benefit concert to raise scholarship funds at his son’s school.

The episode, directed by Chris Storer and executive produced by Anthony Batt and Ashton Kutcher, is an exclusive and informal look at Tweedy’s rehearsal process, family time and pre-show fan interactions.

Director Chris Storer had collaborated with editor Brian Gannon of Whitehouse Post on a previous music-based project. A Wilco fan, Gannon quickly signed on, and skillfully pulled Storer’s fly-on-the-wall footage with Tweedy pre-show into an intimate story. “When I first started going through footage I wasn’t sure what the angle was. There wasn’t a clear beginning, middle, end. I quickly realized that just letting Jeff be Jeff, watching him drive a minivan or playing guitar by himself backstage was the most interesting and intriguing part of the story. It was captivating as he’s such a genuine person.”

Thrash Lab is a destination for rich visuals, narrative entertainment and high-end cultural content. The idea behind the Rituals series is to showcase artists in their ritualistic behaviors, creating a cinematic experience for fans to see behavior patterns from their favorite icons. The Rituals series brings together musicians and filmmakers to capture the moments before an icon does that thing they do best. Upcoming episodes will feature Patton Oswalt, Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros, and Mike Watt.

Watch Jeff Tweedy’s Rituals Episode.

Watch the Behind The Scenes interview with Director Chris Storer.
Watch an awesome interview with Wilco’s FOH Sound Engineer, Stan Doty.

Executive Producers: Anthony Batt and Ashton Kutcher
Producers: Brin Lukens and Bennet Silverman
Director: Christopher Storer
Editor: Brian Gannon (Whitehouse Post)
Assistant Editor: Rebecca Votta

Music Credits:
Uncle Tupelo – ‘Wherever’
Wilco – ‘Hell Is Chrome’
Wilco – ‘Bull Black Nova’
Wilco – ‘Whole Love’

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