HP Sauce Man Rules - Johannson, Ulf - Russell Icke at the Whitehouse Post London

James & Russell’s Work, Riddled with Arrows

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Gold and Silver arrows were sailing through the air last night.

KFC definitely counted, with Fabric and Adam Gunser taking a Gold Arrow (—though, of course, it’s common knowledge that celebratory libations are on the “Doesn’t Count” list, so bottoms up James!)

Russ‘ teammates, meanwhile, were beginning to look a bit like target practice with HP‘s M&C Saatchi and Ulf Johannson taking 2 Silvers (like the sauce of manliness that it is), Discovery‘s Tag Worldwide and Vince Squibb taking another Silver and Audi Swan‘s BBH and Joachim Back taking both Gold and Silver.

British Arrows—we applaud your markmenship.

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