James Dierx at the Whitehouse Post in Los Angeles

James: An Introview

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James has been with Whitehouse since 2007. We have watched him learn and grow and detonate the Chicago office to save us all from Cats in Tanks. We are so, so happy to officially add him to the LA roster, and invite you to get to know him in the introview below.

What inspires you?

The people I surround myself with! Many of my friends are comedians, musicians or photographers.

Do you have a favorite quote or lyric?

“Don’t let your dreams just be dreams, JUST DO IT.” —S.L

What are you currently eating/watching/listening to?

Listening to Midnight Faces.  Up next.. Anderson Paak’s album Malibu. Watching? Game of Thrones. Is it Sunday yet?!

Why editing? What brings you, what keeps you?

I made action movies when I was a kid. I bought some editing software and shot every single angle you could think of. I realized my favorite part of the process was sitting in a room afterwards and putting it together. You can still find some of those films on youtube today. It’s pretty embarrassing.


Want to see what he’s been up to since? Look no further.

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