Iain: An Introview

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Iain Whitewright has been with Whitehouse Post since 2012, a homegrown talent known for his visual storytelling. His most recent work includes a Gucci/GQ campaign starring Michelin chef Massimo Bottura and Primal Scream lead singer, Bobby Gillespie. Get to know him better in the introview below.

When did you first decide you wanted to become an editor and why?

I had my first experience of editing during an Art foundation course at Farnham in Surrey. I’ve always loved film and cinema but thought that making them was some kind of super special thing that I could never do. Turns out you can just do it on your laptop….Once I saw how easy it was to film something and then start cutting it, I was hooked. To be able to imprint your style or vision on a cut, or equally to adapt to what is needed – it’s pretty addictive. Especially in commercials where every other week you could be working on something totally different.

What is something that inspires you?

The endless loop of travelling and seeing different worlds. The more you travel, the more you want to travel. I could go pretty much anywhere in the world and I’m pretty sure I’ll find something/someone inspirational.

You’re a new addition to a crayon box. What color are you?

Nothing too bright, never liked being in the spotlight – that’s why I work behind the camera.

Who is someone that you admire and why?

At this exact moment in time, Denis Villeneuve…because I’m astounded by his set of films. I’m easy to please though. I find lots of people impressive – easier to learn new things 🙂

How do you take your coffee?

Just don’t put milk in it because I might die (obviously not, but I like to exaggerate)

Describe your perfect day in 3 words.

Epic film marathon.