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How to Die in Oregon

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UPDATE, January 13, 2014—Edited by Greg Snider, the Sundance-winning documentary How To Die In Oregon, was shown as part of the NM court case that ruled Death With Dignity is a constitutional right!

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One of the best things a movie can do is make people look at things they’d rather look away from.

How To Die In Oregon is undoubtedly a film that accomplishes this. Anyone who has seen it will implore you to do the same. “Undeniably moving” this unflinching film is “full of grace and ultimately life affirming.” Said one Sundance goer, “I’ve never felt so happy after watching something so sad.”  Sundance awarded it the Grand Jury Prize for Documentary and it has also been awarded the Karen Schmeer Award for Excellence in Documentary Editing and has been nominated for the International Documentary Association for Best Feature as well as the IDA Humanitas Award.

“We knew from the beginning,” explains Whitehouse Post editor Greg Snider, “that the most important aspect of the storytelling would be to let the subjects be the primary focus and force of the film. We made a conscious effort to maintain a low key editing style – we did not want any filmmaking techniques to distract from what these people were experiencing.

Everyone that participated was extremely brave and generous to allow us to come into their lives during such personal and difficult times. I always kept in mind my responsibility to tell these peoples’ stories in an honest and straightforward manner.

While I was actually sitting at the computer editing, I was absorbed in the nuts and bolts of trying to tell these stories, but when I would lay in bed at night, the content and meaning of what I’d been working on that day would wash over me and I would sometimes fall asleep crying.

I hope to be able to continue to draw on the wisdom, strength and dignity that the people in this film exhibited, and I hope that HTDIO will open dialogues about Death with Dignity.”

UPDATE, February 15, 2012How To Die In Oregon is now available on DVD through NewVideo/Docurama or Film Baby outside of the US. Indie Wire lists the film as the week’s Best DVD/Blu-Ray release, and it is also available on Netflix.


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