Heineken, Linclone — Eric Appel + W+K Entertainment + Alaster Jordan at the Whitehouse Post in New York


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What started out as a simple creative contest, quickly evolved into something bigger.

Much bigger.

About 6′ 4″ to 7′, give or take a stove pipe hat or so.

Fade up to Tribeca Film Fest’s #15SecondPremiere—an Open Your World endeavor sponsored by Heineken to thrust one lucky creative into the spotlight for a fabulous 15 seconds or so.

The story, based on a true tweet by Dennis ‘@AwsomMovieIdeas‘ Lazar, directed by Eric Appel, produced by W+K Entertainment, edited by Alaster Jordan and credited by Carbon VFX, explores the controversial science of cloning and politics—but we wouldn’t want to spoil it for you…

After you’ve watched it, you should read the write-ups in FastCo and AdWeek<—#SPOILERALERT.

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