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Doper Than A Badger

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Friday Night. 11.45pm. You & BB3 are on for a *hot* date with The Sunday Times pick to watch this week—C-BOMB.

Keep Reading for the OG Post:

C-BOMB from Sheffield—you may know him as the Godfather of the Sheffield Dubstep scene.

You may not know that he lives at home with his mum.

Check out his sick flow on iPlayer. If it gets enough views, BBC may just hook it up to make serious money on the live scene, playin’ from yer plasma screen.

Go on then—share it up on Facebook and Twitter—add on LinkedIn if you’ve some mad industry connects…

And feel free to give Gareth McEwen and Chris Cottam a shout out while you have the mic—they’re the real OGs on the scene, bringin’ it straight atchya..!


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